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When K-Dramas are way too predictable

Whether through experience or through the on-going trends sometimes K-dramas become way too predictable. The too good to be true and all-rounder handsome male leads fall from grace, his temperamental dad, the meek and innocent female lead who transforms him, the evil sibling or stepmother who he has to confront and eventually succeed over. There is usually a love triangle to heat things up. In almost every drama second lead man loves the protagonist and always treats her better, but she goes with the main lead anyway. Even from the beginning of a show, you can tell what will happen, but you keep watching it anyway! One can predict the plot of a drama just by the cast as some actors are known for playing the same kinds of roles over and over again. Like the actor, Cha Eunwoo is known for playing a handsome young rich guy with family issues. His roles in True Beauty and My ID are Gangnam Beauty are almost similar. Even after this one cannot stop watching these dramas. Why? You ask. The good-looking cast, the fashion, the soundtrack, and the dreamy world contrary to the real world one lives in. These all are enough to attract the viewers.

Fun Fact: Sometimes I watch a drama because I KNOW I can predict exactly what will happen and it acts as a type of comfort food for me.

Famous K-Pop YouTuber Steven Deng even made a fun video about it. Check out the video in the link given below!


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