When Mithun Chakraborty's son was accused of rape, had to cancel his marriage! #Shameful

Mithun Chakraborty has been in the headlines recently due to his joining of BJP ahead of the asssembly polls in West Bengal. While we have yet to withness what impact he will bring to the already complicated situation in Bengal, let's have a look at the time when his own son Mahaakshay was booked for ‘rape of actress over 3-year period’. According to a report dated ocober 2020, in a complaint filed by the woman, Mahaakshay called her to his home in May 2015 and served her a soft drink spiked with a sedative. He then allegedly raped her after she passed out. Police said in her complaint, the woman stated that over the next three years, Mahaakshay repeatedly promised to marry her and continued to sexually assault her. He eventually married actress Madalasa Sarma in 2018 and, in the interim, forced her to abort her baby, the complaint stated. While there aren't any new revelations in the case as of now but we hope that justice is served as soon as possible.