When RM made us all cry with his emotional speech in WINGS final tour

BTS’s leader RM is the most eloquent speaker and one who can make or break any ARMY’s heart with his speeches. The speech that he gave at the WINGS final tour on 10th December 2017 will forever be one of the warmest but also the saddest things to ARMY’s. RM started by talking about how he met his band members and giving ARMY’s few laughs with their antics but then he broke all the ARMY’s hearts with his incredible words.

RM said that he wants to forget the hard times of their debut “so even if it hurts, we won’t be sad, even if it is scary we would not be afraid because we are BTS”. He continued on about ARMY’s that they should also strive to work hard like BTS on their dreams because he never thought “we will be able to perform in the Olympic Stadium before we die”, and ARMY’s made it happen.

The saddest part was when he said “Everyone that supported us, in everyone’s dreams or lives, our existence, music, pictures, videos, even if it’s just a little, let’s say the pain is at 100, if we could make it 99,98, then the value of our existence is enough. I really love you guys”. His emotional words touched so many hearts that night and he cemented his position as many ARMY’s leader in their hearts. He became the leader of our hearts through his words.