When Sanjay Khan thrashed Zeenat Aman while the onlookers stood silent

Zeenat Aman. The Beauty Queen. One of the most sexiest divas to ever step foot into the Bollywood industry. Having worked in over 50 movies, giving us some superhit dance numbers to later receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award from Zee Cine Awards in 2008 there still remains a side of this Bollywood Diva that has yet not been talked about much. So let's look at The tragic life of Zeenat Aman who despite her confident, modern outlook suffered immensely at the hands of some heartless, insensitive men.

In an interview much later Zeenat would describe her relationship with Sanjay as, "I was very naive and vulnerable at that time. It was a few weeks of madness that's it." But history speaks of a different record. A story in Cine Blitz dating back to 1980 details how Sanjay beat Zeenat black and blue at a five-star hotel in Mumbai, in the presence of several onlookers who did not lift a finger to help her. It all started when Zeenat refused to reshoot a portion of a song in Abdullah, their movie, that had already been shot and Sanjay started accusing her of being sexually involved with the makers. Zeenat who couldn't take the insult rushed to Taj where Sanjay was supposedly having a Party. But little did she know what would happen next. Apparently, Sanjay took her to the adjoining room and "let loose his animal wrath". He beat her up, lifting by her hair and continuing to thrash her every time she fell and well everyone just stood there like puppets watching a play.

And even though she required eight days of medical attention to recover from this beating, she did not report Sanjay to the police, as she was still in love with him. Later in an interview she described the Sanjay episode as. " I don't talk about it. That's the best way to cope up with it."

Hopefully times have changed now as we wish more power and peace to Zeenat.

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