When SRK Admitted To Being A Chain Smoker Himself And Even Apologized For It

SRK remains to be one of the most loved and influential personalities in the history of Bollywood but if there is one thing that fans often complaint about him is his smoking habit. In an interview SRK admitted to have been a chain smoker for the longest time with lighting up close to 100 cigarettes a day!


Shah Rukh Khan even confessed that his kids don’t like his smoking habit and worry about him, "I want to say this on every platform, it feels shameful to deter people from smoking in my films, and yet continue to smoke in real life. To stop smoking, you need time. Today, my daughter told me 'Papa, you said you were giving up!', but I really have cut down on it. I think smoking is no good and I am really sorry and I apologize that I smoke and I will try and give it up."


Fast forward to 2021, SRK is still struggling with his smoking habit and his son Aryan Khan is caught up with the agencies for consuming drugs at a cruise party. Comments?