Which actor do you want as your Valentine this year?

My mom says that I am too much into k-dramas. Well, that’s true but who cares. Even if it is Valentine’s day tomorrow I am going to binge watch drama for the entire day. These actors seriously raise my expectations and I start creating unrealistic, crazy fantasies in my head. *BLUSH BLUSH* Who needs a valentine when you can have Park Seo joon, Park Hyung sik, Lee Jong suk, Park Bogum, Lee Minho, Song Joong ki, Nam Joo hyuk, Kim Soo hyun, Hwang In yeop, with the ever increasing list, all at once just through your screen. I maybe hurting myself but I am definitely not sad. As long as I can watch my favourite oppas all the time, sadness won’t dare to come near me . Maybe I’ll prefer my delusional Park Seo joon looking at me rather than a real boy staring at me, in a story that I create only for myself. I may sound crazy but you can’t deny that all of us atleast once have had that crazy sweet scenarios in mind. Now create a similar scenario in your head and tell me with whom would you like to spend your valentine day!?