Who is a bigger misfit in Bollywood?

Bollywood is a place where not everyone gets an opportunity to showcase their talent but the ones who get a chance should consider themselves lucky. According to me, there are many stars who got a chance, made an impact, and then there a few who got in through contacts and nepotism but failed to impress the audience. I personally feel the following actors don't deserve to be in Bollywood.

1) Katrina Kaif - Only being pretty and not able to speak proper Hindi doesn't help in being a good actress. I feel she already lacks the expressions she needs. She is surviving in this industry only because she looks all pretty and dolled up and for dating some popular celebs.

2) Salman Khan - He is over two decades old in this industry but I still don't get what is he doing? I find his acting skills below average and his movies are commercially hit because of item songs and annoying dialogues he delivers.

3) Sonam Kapoor - Sonam's fashion sense is the only good thing about her. There is barely anything she does in movies. I feel she's still surviving because she's Anil Kapoor's daughter. She could give up acting and settle as a fashion designer.

4) Sonakshi Sinha - This actress is here just because of her father. Her presence onscreen is mundane nor can she act. I really think she can't do a movie by herself and will need an actor to make the movie work.

Who do you think doesn't deserve to be in Bollywood?