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Which actor should replace Jo Byung Kyu in “The Uncanny Counter” season 2?

Recently KBS2 confirmed that it might not be possible to continue production for the second season of the series 'Come Back Home' with actor Jo Byung Kyu. Jo Byung Kyu was on a rise to stardom due to his performance in the hit OCN series, 'The Uncanny Counter'. However, a few weeks ago, he was accused of being a bully during his middle school years. With this, the public started swaying against Jo Byung Kyu, which led to him being replaced. With the drama in need of a new cast member.

Below are some actors who would do justice to the role of Somun.

1. EXO’s D.O

Already having proved himself in the acting scene, D.O according to some netizens would perfectly fit the role.

2. Lee Hyun Woo

Another actor who can be a great match to the character is Lee Hyun Woo. Though it’s been a while seeing him in a high school uniform yet one can never expect disappointment from him.


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