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Which actor stole your heart as Spider-man?

Over the years, we have seen a lot of actors playing Spider-Man. But, who do you think has stolen your heart the most. I will start, my personal favourite is Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-man and The Amazing Spider-man 2. Tell us your favourites.

Tobey Maguire

I started watching Spider-man when Tobey Maguire started acting in the Spider-man series and I immediately fell in love with the character Peter Parker. Fun, quirky, responsible, and mature teenager who suits up every time the world needs him. But I never knew what's going to come next.

Andrew Garfield

Then came Andrew Garfield in the Amazing Spider-man series and I liked it even more. Maybe because of the improvement in the VFX or storytelling or Andrew himself. This series is my favourite. I wished so much that he would continue being Spider-man.

Tom Holland

Tom Holland came at last and well I know for a fact that he has won many hearts. I first saw him in Avengers because I haven't watched the Homecoming series but I have started it and now I feel he is the perfect fit.

Also, there are rumours that three of them will be seen together in an upcoming Spider-man film. Are you excited about it? Who is your favourite?


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