Which Anime world would you live in if you could?

Though it is not news that most anime series takes place in dangerous and unique places. Still, some anime series are set in good and also feature places that would be pretty awesome to live in, even if the person wasn’t someone with incredible powers. Below are some awesome anime places to live in!

1. Gintama

The anime shows the return of aliens in Japan in the 1800s. Though it may look like a bad thing, honestly, it wasn’t. As technology sees a massive upgrade, humanity has robots and basically peacefully co-exists with aliens. How cool it would be to become a samurai who can meet aliens too?

2. No Game No Life

War and fights have always been popular ways to resolve conflicts. The series shows a dream world for competitive people and gamers. With the ability to make their own games people could carve out a perfect world for themselves. Isn’t this so amazing?

3. My Hero Academia

Now My Hero Academia's world can be incredibly dangerous. But imagine living in a world with countless heroes defending the common citizens of the world. Add to it the possibility of people having some superpowers of their own, allowing them to either become heroes or contribute to society in some other useful way.

4. Digimon

Between the first and second groups of DigiDestined, the place can be considered largely safe for humans as well as Digimons too. In the epilogue, audiences are introduced to a sneak peek at the place several decades into the future. Everyone gets to have their own Digimon partner. Imagine having your own Agumon or a Biyomon.