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Which is the best brand for Night Gel - MCaffeine Vs. Plum

MCaffeine and Plum both are good brands. I have used both gels but it depends upon the skin type and which will suit you best. They both have similarities. MCaffeine and Plum have the same packaging. The consistency of these brands is lightweight and the colour of the gel is the same. Also, they are vegan and are cruelty-free night gel.


Plum Green Tea night gel is suitable for oily, acne-prone, and normal skin. It contains green tea which is rich in anti-oxidant and heals acne-prone skin. It also works well on fine lines and wrinkles. Also. It has gooseberry which helps to reduce dark spots and fight with free radicals. Glycolic acid and aloe vera act as mild exfoliators. Argan oil maintains the moisture on your skin.


MCaffeine Naked Detox Green Tea night gel is suitable for all skin types. It contains green tea and hyaluronic acid which moisturizes your skin and keeps you hydrated. Vitamin C is a beneficial ingredient in skincare that gives glow to the face and has anti-aging properties. Caffeine helps to improve skin tone.


But from these brands, Plum night gel is very light on the skin as compared to MCaffeine. Plum is suitable for oily and acne-prone skin but my skin is sensitive so it didn’t work on my skin. My skin had breakouts after using this gel. The MCaffeine is heavy on the skin but gave me amazing results. It worked wonders on my skin.


I personally recommend MCaffeine. Which brand would you prefer for night gel?  


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