Which is the better movie: DDLJ or Jab We Met?

Both movies were released in different eras. (12 years is a huge gap in Generation).

DDLJ - A romantic Blockbuster movie directed by Yashji, who Typically shows romance, bonding and commitment (such as veer zaara, Jab tak hain jaan) where commitment and love are in priority.

Jab we met - A romantic comedy movie where love is not silent and not even trustful. Directed by Imtiaz Ali who always shows broken commitments in movies. (Such as Love aaj kal, Socha na tha, aahista aahista) where always Actor/actress was in love and broke the relationship for the new one.

This generation is not made for typical Yash Ji movies. But I must confess I actually like Jab We Met!

Which is your favourite movie?! Tell us!!