Which Bollywood movies got boring after their sequels?

There are many sequels of Bollywood movies that have been famous for years and loved by the audience. Sequels usually get interesting with the next series but in Bollywood, the scene is different and there are a few sequels that got boring. I think these few movie series got worse with sequels.

1) Dhoom - The first part of this movie was a successful movie with the perfect mix of action, comedy, and thriller. The actors also played off their roles really well. With growing sequels, the movie got very boring and dull as there was no suspense left in the movies.

2) Krrish - Koi Mil Gaya was a sci-fi movie that was hit and interesting at the same time. It fascinated everyone but with the growing sequel, it got more of a superhero movie than a sci-fi movie and tbh, no one likes it now.

3) Race - The first part of Race was amazing and it had the best combination of suspense and thriller. Race 3 was such a disappointment, despite having a good star cast, it failed to entertain anyone.

4) Golmaal - Golmaal is a comedy movie series that goes beyond its tagline "Fun Unlimited". The first and second part was funny and entertaining but the growing sequels aren't even funny anymore, it's just Rohit Shetty crashing cars.

5) Housefull - Some people find this movie funny but honestly, the first two parts were fine, they weren't funny but bearable. The other sequels are just boring and literally getting on my nerves!!

Which other sequel do you think got boring?