Which character did you have a completely different opinion of as a kid versus an adult?

I've idolised him since I was a child, and he's the main reason Shahrukh Khan has millions of fans!

I used to think he only loved Anjali, but I never realised it until Tina got in the way. But, when he met Anjali at summer camp, he realised she was his first love, and she, too, loved him, and their story ended happily when they married.

The movie by Karan Johar taught me that 'Love' is fraught with drama, and Rahul was not at all to blame because he never realised his feelings for his best friend Anjali.

But, As I grew older, I realised that this is not how love should be. I mean, when Anjali was his best friend, she used to dress up like a tomboy, which is why Rahul ignored her and drooled over Tina JUST FOR HER LOOKS!!! Years later, when he saw his best friend dressed in a saree with long hair and lovely features, he instantly realised his feelings for her. I mean, are you serious?

In the movie there's a dialogue when he says, “Hum ek baar jeete hai, ek baar marte hai, shaadi bhi ek baar hoti hai aur pyaar bhi ek hi baar hota hai.”

Mr. hypocrite, you fell in love twice and married both times. At the very least, keep your word because you couldn't keep a single girl.