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Which 'famous & rich" celeb could this nasty international blind be talking about?

An international blind piece thrown in the fizzy has been catching a lot of attention in the last two days among entertainment gossipers. The blind piece is implicative of a rich and famous actress having troubles starting a family, even though she has been hoping to have a baby for a while. Who could that actress be, your guess is as good as mine!

The international blind piece comments on that actress as someone 'who loves to be seen and loves to express her viewpoint on a variety of subjects and is married to someone famous and is best friends with someone famous.'

Where the piece does get a little nasty is when it speaks about why the same actress maybe experiencing troubles to have a baby and start a family.

'Given that she has been married for a while – and she is not getting any younger – and they have supposedly been staying the same house for the past year with a minimum of separation, what’s the hold up on her getting pregnant?

Is it because she is a bit older and is experiencing age-related fertility issues?

"No, the problem is they are sleeping apart"

Oh, boy.

Apparently, this is not sitting well with her.

"She thought the baby would happen last year, but it didn’t, so it has to happen this year. She wants a baby now, so she is talking about going an alternative route"

We don’t know exactly what that means. IVF so he doesn’t have to have sex with her?

Hiring a surrogate? Faking a pregnancy while they arrange a surrogate or an adoption', the blind piece writes.

The same international blind piece further mentions that the famous friend of the actress has also not been responding to her, since things may have gone sour between the two.

Of course, there could be plenty of interpretations to these theories and assumptions on who could this piece be talking about, however like I previously said, your guess is as good as mine. I have a few names in mind, which I'd like to keep to myself. But would you also have some thoughts on this?

Here’s where I read it :-


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