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Which of the K – Beauty Brands, The Face Shop, or Innisfree has lived up to their claims?

They both are K – Beauty brands and have a very good product range. My skin has been feeling very different, very radiant ever since when I started this Korean skincare regime. They both have some or the other product that has me the good results.


I love using the rice water cleanser by face shop. It is a wonderful product. This cleanser is very gentle on the skin. Also, it contains rice water which can make your skin extremely radiant and brings out the best in your complexion. This cleanser does not make you fairer but yes it does brightens your skin. They also have a makeup remover in the mango seed range is something that I want to try out too. Their sheet mask is amazing. The Aloe vera gel is like a staple for me and has given me good results. Their prices are a little bit lower than that of Innisfree.


The second product that has me in love with it is the hand cream by Innisfree. The hand cream has a very interesting packaging. You can open the cap or you can just flip it open. The fragrance in the cream is so refreshing and so amazing that it reminds you every 2 -3 hours to apply the cream to the hands. It moisturizes well. I have also tried the sample of green tea seed serum. There is a lot of face serum in the market but this one eases the game like nobody else. The serum is extremely runny and it just gets absorbed on the skin with only tapping. You don’t need to rub it on your skin. It brightens your skin and I apply it every night after washing my face. Their face clay masks are also my favourite. The way they cleanse your skin is amazing. But these products are all a little bit expensive than The Face Shop.


Do give these brands a try. They are an organic, sulfate-free, and harmful chemical-free brand. They are equally good.


Which products you have used of these brands? 


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