Which K-drama had the best OST according to you??

Suspicious Partner- Was the very first drama whose OST I couldn't stop humming and Ji Chang wook’s “101 Reasons I Like You” is yet one of my favourite songs.

Hwarang- Well of course the distinct voices of V & Jin in “Even If I Die It’s You'' was evident enough for me to listen to the song on repeat!

Itaewon Class- The ultimate motivational song! “Beginning” by Gaho Is the best hype song on a bad day..!

Hotel Del Luna- Was the best Easter basket possible! “All About You'' by Taeyeon, “See The Stars” by Red Velvet, “At the end” by Chungha and “Love Deluna” by Taeyong and punch made the drama memorable.

It's Okay To Not Be Okay- Excluding a couple of songs, I am a fan of ALL of them. “I’m Your Psycho”, “In Silence”, “Wake up”, “In Your Time” and “Hallelujah” are my all time favourites!!