Which life lessons will you learn from Netflix's "The Serpant"? Highly Recommended!

The crime drama series, “The Serpant” starring Tahar Rahim in the lead role recently released on Netflix and here is why you should watch it. The show is based on true events and inspired by the life of the serial killer, Charles Sobhraj, a thief and murderer, who killed young western tourists, during 1975 to 2000. Charles was also nicknamed the Bikini Killer, the Splitting Killer and the Serpent because of his killing tactics and the dresses in which the travellers were murdered. If you haven’t watched the mystery true-crime drama series yet, watch it now!!! The show is not only a way to have a fun time and Netflix and chill but it actually makes you a lot wiser and teaches you some important life lessons. The biggest lesson from the show is to never give up. The dutch diplomat was not on the right path in his investigation for a long time but he never gave up and eventually ended up succeeding in his investigation. Another lesson learnt by the show is the one we’ve been taught since we were 2 yeas old. Never, and I repeat, never take drinks and food from a stranger. The last lesson that I learnt by the show is be careful who you fall in love with. Monique did a lot of questionable things in her life but her biggest mistake was falling for a criminal. 
The show is much more than just a binge-watch. I highly recommend it for everyone.