Which Shin Hye Sun Drama Do You Like best?

Shin Hye Sun is an up-and-coming drama actress that’s been causing waves in the industry.

Having debuted in the hit School 2013, her success hasn’t seen the possibility of stopping. In her new blockbuster tvN drama, Mr. Queen she’s seen busting out her moves to BLACKPINK, Fighting against corrupt Joseon officials, and being a badass queen.

While we love her in her new look, we cannot possibly forget her alongside L of the K-pop group Infinite, in Angels Last Mission Love where she played Lee Yeon-Seo, a talented and successful ballerina who is left blind after an unfortunate accident is bitter and abusive towards everyone in her life.

Or rather her character in Legend of the Blue Sea, who was pining over Lee Minho’s character (Don’t we all)

Comment down which Shin Hye Sun character you found the best!