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Which is YG's most iconic girl group, Blackpink or 2NE1?

K-media has recently published an article where they were debating on which is the iconic group of Sm entertainment and YG entertainment. The main point of the whole article was that the girl group is so iconic that it can not be recreated or another girl group like them can never come again.

For Sm ENtertainment, they chose SNSD also known as Girls Generation which makes sense since they were the most popular girl group and they were the first kpop idol group to be labelled as the Nation girl group. they were very famous and dominated the Japanese market, Chinese market and also made some minor waves in the United States of America. They were very iconic and Sm can never produce a girl group like them again.

For YG Entertainment though the article chose Blackpink as the iconic group which can not be recreated. With so many brand deals and followers on Instagram, they are assumed as iconic.

The problem started when K-Netz started to bash Blackpink for YG's Mediaplay. Blackpink has only 20 so songs in their whole career and it is not enough songs to be labelled as iconic or legendary. And they put Blackpink against a second-gen Iconic girl group when 2NE1 was there.

SNSD and 2NE1 were from the same generation and it would have made sense to put them there.

what do you think about this whole scandal?


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