While Amitabh Bachchan continues acting, Rekha has been appearing as a guest in dance shows

Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha were both the most sought after actors of their time. Their stardom is impactful enough for them to continue making headlines. They delivered several hits as an onscreen couple. The pair was also infamous for being romantically involved with each other in real life. It is something that is widely talked about even today.

Amitabh is still reigning in Bollywood despite a younger crop of actors in the industry right now. The primary reason for this is that he has consistently picked roles that are relevant to him. On the other hand, Rekha's filmography has fizzled out. The diva was known for her dancing skills in movies and had nailed the part in Umrao Jaan. But after a certain point, she stopped receiving offers. Turbulence in her personal life also didn't help, and she was hounded by the media after her husband died by suicide.

Fast forward to now, Rekha mostly appears in dance shows as a guest. She judges up and coming dancers and leverages the evergreen factor attributed to actresses. Why did she stop getting roles when contemporary Amitabh still does?