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While TVF Aspirants' Sandeep Bhaiyya gets all the praise, let's not forget Shwetaketu aka SK!

TVF recently released its webseries 'Aspirants' based on the life of some UPSC aspirants of India, who enter Old Rajendra Nagar of Delhi with a dream to become an IAS officer. This TVF story is primarily focused on three best friends- Abhilash, Guri and SK. The story moves back and forth in time to make us understand the depth of their friendship. The trio mentions that it was called 'tripod' in their college as they were always together and equal. However, according to me it is the character of Shwetaketu aka SK who deserves more love here. Yes, I agree Sandeep Bhaiyya has won our hearts, but SK is the glue who holds everything together. The character is played by Abhilash Thapliyal who has convinced me that there can't be a better SK than him. Why we need to praise SK? SK didn’t want the tripod to break. Though Abhilash and Guri had their differences, SK made sure that they reconcile. He knew he had no godfather or a plan B like his friends but still he put them before himself. He tried to solve their issues and was completely selfless. He didn't succumb to his failure, in fact, like a seed he grew into a stronger being. Let's not make Shwetaketu just another sidekick or underrated character. If Sandeep Bhaiyya deserves love and praise, so does our dear SK (please don't call him Dhoomketu.)

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