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Who are the most followed K-pop idols on youtube?

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for K-Pop artists to connect with their fans. Over the years, there has been an increase in K-Pop idols opening their own youtube channels in order to show fans a sneak peek into their daily lives.

Here are some of the most subscribed K-pop youtube channels.

.1. Kim Jennie-Blackpink

Channel name: Jennierubyjane Official

Jennie gifted fans with her new youtube account on January 12, 2021The channel currently has 5.57 million subscribers!

2. Lisa-Blackpink

Channel name: Lilifilm Official

Following behind her bandmate Lisa created her channel on October 24, 2018, and currently has 5.37 million subscribers!

3. IU

Channel name: 이지금 [IU Official]

This channel, created on February 12, 2017, currently has 5.33 million subscribers! It also has 528.6 million views overall.


Channel name: 솔라시도 solarsido This channel, created on January 23, 2019, currently has 2.78 million subscribers! It also has 161.3 million views overall.


Channel name: HyunA

This channel, created on September 2, 2019, currently has 2.24 million subscribers! It also has 219.5 million views overall.


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