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Who Are The Shah Rukh, Salman, Akshay & Aamir of Tomorrow?

Shah Rukh, Salman, Aamir, Ajay & Akshay have been able to gloriously last their stardom for over 3 decades. Of course that puts them in a league of their own. A league where you identify a genre of movies, a style of stardom with all of them. Just like most of us, even the current generation stars have grown up idolizing them and hence it's fair we figure out who's going to fit what bill in the future.


While they cannot replicate the same kind of stardom, who do you think will come close to filling in their respective shoes? Here's what I think:


Kartik Aryan - Akshay Kumar: Both while starting out were popular among girls. Both have an amazing comic timing and both of them happen to be outsiders too. If Kartik decides to do a little more of action, he will have carved himself career trajectory that Akshay Kumar enjoys right now. Ads, small town fan following, there is just so much in common.


Ranbir Kapoor - Aamir Khan: I know it's a weird comparison to make but Ranbir does match Mr. Perfectionist to a lot of extent. Of course Aamir wasn't a flirt starting out but there's more than just that. Both for starters do not enjoy social media. The career choices also appears to be similar in many ways. Both come from a family of filmmakers. The way Ranbir is being selective of his roles is reminiscent of Aamir Khan.


Ranveer Singh - Shah Rukh Khan: Just in terms of stardom I feel Ranveer will match Shah Rukh Khan. Both happen to be very outgoing and expressive. Both are dedicated actors believing in variety. Both also happen to be the go to choices for YRF and Dharma movies. Right from their common interest in sports to announcing and enjoying their stardom, I think we'll see Ranveer matching the SRK level of following. Don't forget their compulsive need for doing multiple ads.


Ayushmann Khurrana - Ajay Devgn: If there was one star who dominated despite making brave and interesting career choices, it was Ajay Devgn. Right from experimenting with subject driven movies to acing those roles, guess who comes to mind from this generation? Ayushmann. Strictly in terms of movie choices and acting among their contemporaries, this parallel seems fair.


Tiger Shroff-Salman Khan: The only new generation actor who can fill theaters based on his desi fan following is Tiger Shroff. Both Tiger and Salman won't particularly be known for their acting but their massy following. Both are industry insiders and were also called the chocolate boys when they started. A decade down the line when Salman will have hopefully retired, Tiger will still be popular in single screens beating the bad guys black and blue.


What do you think? Was I wrong? Did I miss someone? Mention in the comments.


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