Who is better, Sushmita Sen or Aishwarya Rai?

Aishwarya rai is just a pretty face whereas Sushmita Sen is beautiful. The difference is huge.

Sushmita sen: If Sushmita Sen were a word in the dictionary it would be magnificent. She didn't become miss universe by fluke. Her answers there were so meaning full and heartwarming. And she lived up to the title. Her interviews are….wow !!! When you listen to her you will know what I mean. And unlike celebrities she stands up for good cause, her pageant I am she is very inspiring. She is involved in charity work, unlike others who donate a big fat amount for publicity. And she is an inspiration for every woman; she teaches us to live our life on our terms.

Both are beautiful, but I think, if you look past Aishwarya's exotic green eyes, you will see that Sushmita's beauty is more striking. Aside from that, the way Sushmita Sen carries a conversation is very much enchanting, like you would want to listen to her for hours without being tired.