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Who cares about the fashion stereotypes types anymore when we have our coolest fashionista Yeonjun?

TXT's Yeonjun was selected to debut in New York fashion week not only for his stunning visuals but also his love for fashion, style and open mindset made him the perfect fit. In an interview with Vogue Korea, Yeonjun was asked about the reason for pulling off a suit and a barret in the 'Fairy of shampoo' dance practice video while other members of TXT took up a casual outfit. Yeonjun conveyed that he wanted to wear something fancy that would fit the Paris vibe. Talented idol now emerging as a fashion icon also shared about his newly bought customised western boots that he loves to wear often. The thing which flattered me the most was that Yeonjun said he would like to try 'skirts' next time. What a cool mind-set! Who decides to wear something in women's clothing? He is definitely breaking all the gender stereotypical norms. We need more people like him in the world. Don't you'll think?

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