Who is the current BF of Disha Patani? Or is it still Tiger Shroff?

Tiger Shroff, Disha Patani's rumoured boyfriend, gave her an unique wish. The action star posted a story on Instagram with a video of the two of them working out together. They have long been rumoured to be partners.

Both have a reputation for putting a strong emphasis on fitness, with Disha frequently writing about her workouts and fitness pranks. They are frequently photographed together and are said to have been dating for some time. Despite the fact that they have never publicly confirmed their relationship, there is little reason to question it given the PDA they display on social media.

Tiger's sister Krishna recently talked about his relationship with Disha, while the couple hasn't confirmed their relationship status. There is never a dull moment when Disha and Tiger are together, she said in a recent interview. Disha Patani and Krishna Shroff get along well.