Who do you think is responsible for setting unrealistic standards for K-pop stars, their agencies or fans?

We all are aware of the fact that K-pop is a very competitive field, and from EXO to NCT every K-pop group has to go through years of strict training and diet before they even debut. Although, the years and years of training gives no assurance that they will make it big in the industry.

This is just the beginning of their hellish misery. Before they even debut, they have to agree to some really absurd conditions which don't even allow them to have a proper personal life. They can't even date without apologizing to fans and are also subjected to immense mental pressure.

But the question is, who actually is responsible for the way they are treated? BLACKPINK Lisa, EXO Chen, MAMAMOO, we have seen innumerous cases where K-pop stars are ridiculed and made fun of because of their romantic relationships, looks, race etc. The kind of malicious comments they go through after all the efforts they put in is simply preposterous.

Do you think it's only the entertainment agencies that force them to comply with all the strict conditions in the contract, or the fans are just equally responsible, if not more, for the impossible standards they set for the k-pop stars? Because I believe that it's due to fans' irrational standards that agencies put these rookies through this hellish journey. They are expected to be superhumans who can't even date or marry.

What are your thoughts on this?