Who else wants this sequel to happen??

The story was great but some things in the film remain questionable. But I won't get into analyzing the film because this post isn't about that but the ENDING is something else.

I hated n still hate the ending. I mean, none of us sat through the whole second half of the film waiting for that moment when Nandini finally met Sameer n got reunited ONLY for her to tell him that she was staying with her husband whom she agreed to drag all the way to Italy to get reunited with her lover. That was beyond crap.

And the reason she did that is what annoys me the most. She told Sameer she was staying with her husband just to fulfill her duties as a wife not because she was in love with him.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with fulfilling one's duties BUT not at the expense of one's heart, emotions n possible mental peace.

Personally, I've always been against the idea of sharing ur body with one person while ur heart n emotions r totally with someone else.

Had she told him she was out of love with him n fell in love with her husband then that would be understood but the reason she gave, not so much.

I understand it was different time so that ending might have been more suitable then but in today's age when some things r different, don't u think an objective story will be accepted n appreciated also?? I believe a sequel will be great n maybe it tells a story how Sameer comes back in the life of Nandini n Vanraj n Nandini realising she's still in love with him. N the film will be about that journey but of course with objective story n ending.

Don't u think it will make for a great film especially given that that story hasn't been explored in BW yet?!

Give me ur opinions on this guys.

P.S. this post is about Sameer, Nandini n Vanraj not Salman, Aishwarya n Ajay so please keep the comments about the characters not the actors.