Who has managed to be Karan Johar's best friend?

Sometimes he will say Gauri Khan, Shahrukh's wife. Sometimes Shahrukh. Sometimes Aditya Chopra (who is also his cousin). Sometimes Sussanne Khan, sometimes Kajol, sometimes Twinkle Khanna. I don't think he has ever said "best friend" meaning one particular person, I think he always says "one of my best friends".  

But personally I think it might be either Twinkle Khanna or Manish Malhotra. He's known Manish since college, brought him into the industry when he asked him to help with the costumes for DDLJ, and Manish is pretty consistently at all his parties and working on all his films.  

Twinkle, on the other hand, grew up with him. I don't think they've ever worked together, but that kind of makes me think their relationship is stronger, that their closeness is clearly not put on just for professional advantages.