Who is more beautiful between Shruthi Hassan and Vaani Kapoor?

They both have gone through the surgery to get beautiful. Look at Vaani Kapoor's before and after surgery pic The chin surgery backfired and has killed her beauty. I don't know who told her to get her chin broad. She used to look perfect in Shuddh Dei Romance. It is the biggest mistake she made in her life. Now take a look at Shruti Hassan's before and after surgery pic Surgery has enhanced her beauty and it is evident that Shruti Hassan is the most beautiful of the two. She had lip and nose surgery. If Vaani had not gone through surgery she would have been one of the top actresses in Bollywood's young generation. But now no one considers her. Vaani has done a fantastic job in Shuddh Desi Romance but she followed the myth that most Bollywood actresses follow and just axed herself. So, Shruti Hassan, it is.