Who Is P1Harmony?

As all the K-Pop fans on this platform may be aware, we are having a Q&A session with the rookie group P1Harmony. So, we thought we will tell you a bit about P1Harmony. Here goes: The group consists of 6 members, and debuted under FNC Entertainment on 28th October, 2020 with SIREN. While they are still fresh faces, they have already displayed immense potential and versatility with their debut EP Disharmony: Stand Out. From a strong and rebellious track like SIREN to a mellow tune like Butterfly, the group proves that there is not a concept they cannot handle. Of course, we need to wait for a few more comebacks to see their potential at its best. The six members are Keeho (leader, rapper, vocalist), Theo (eldest, vocalist), Jiung (vocalist, rapper, dancer), Intak (rapper, dancer), Soul (rapper, dancer) and Jongseob (rapper, dancer and maknae). They do not have fixed positions as such as all the members display skills in most areas, however, there is no challenging their skills as a group. The group is also multilingual as they are comfortable with English (Keeho grew up in Australia), Japanese (Soul is Japanese) and some Chinese. Another fact which makes this group all the more admirable is their strength in the face of a scandal which nearly stopped them from debuting. There were rumours that Keeho managed a stan account on Twitter, and was apparently quite offensive on it. However, these claims were quickly disproved by FNC and soon enough these boys gave us an explosive debut! So, we hope to catch a few questions you have for the group during the Q&A Session. We also hope you can give this group a listen and wish them all the best!