Who is Rakhi Sawant's Husband Ritesh? Know the truth

The audience of Bigg Boss 15 was thrilled to see Rakhi Sawant's husband, Ritesh Singh. He did, however, make an entry a few weeks ago. The rest of the housemates have referred to him as Jijajee on the show.

Ritesh has previously stated on the show that he works for an MNC in Belgium. He claims to be the leader of a team in an international firm. Ritesh and Rakhi Sawant married in a private ceremony in Mumbai in 2019.

Ritesh Singh's and his first wife's photograph is circulated. She appears to be a Bihar resident. They haven't formally divorced yet, according to her. We can see his wife with a child in the photos. We can see them from their wedding mandap in another photo. It appears that the marriage was arranged. According to the lady, the wedding took place in the Bihar town of Bettiah.

Let's wait and watch if Salman Khan takes up Ritesh's case in the coming days. In Bigg Boss 13, he had stepped in to help Rashami Desai. Is it possible that Rakhi Sawant is well aware of the situation?