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Who would be cast in the bollywood version of Gossip Girl?

I loved gossip girl and I always wonder if it was remade in bollywood, who would be part of the main cast? These are my suggestions-

Blair- Alia Bhatt? I can see her putting on a good performance as Blair, even though she may not be like her in real life.

Serena- Deepika for sure, she's got the long legs, effortless beauty and she can definitely play a wild child character (she did it for Veronica in Cocktail).

Chuck- Ranveer Singh, he's so romantic and loud, just like chuck.

Nate- Ranbir Kapoor, the typical good looking rich kid, perfect role for Ranbir

Dan- Rajkumar Rao, an outsider who is making his way in, he is perfect for it.

Lily- Priyanka Chopra, she screams class, just like the character

Rufus- Anil Kapoor? It would be very cute to watch him always make breakfast

Jenny- Alaya F, I would love to see her act in this role, she's such a good actress and she can carry out the innocent girl growing up vibe

Do you agree and if not, who would you cast instead?


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