Who is your favourite director in India?

My favourite director is hands down Rajkumar Hirani! If he is directing a movie I don’t care who the actor is, I will be watching it. He has so far directed 5 films, and dissapointed not a single time. Some people may argue “Sanju” was a whitewashing propaganda, but ask yourself was it not an entertaining movie? You cried. You laughed and you remained glued to your seats till it ended. What you wish to take from a movie is your personal decision. Don’t let it alter your perspective if you find it biased towards the protagonist. What makes me love him more is how he chooses his actors according to script, and not according to who is the new ‘hot favourite.’ He worked with Sanjay Dutt while he was surrounded by personal turmoils; he worked with Ranbir while his career was in a rut and trusted his talent. Now he is working with Shahrukh Khan knowing that his box office pull is compromised. Unlike Sanjay Leela Bhansali whose stories I find empty, Hirani makes you question society and yourself. Imtiaz Ali’s cinema also talks about similar themes, but his stories often lack the mass appeal that Hirani instills in each of his story!