Why age young actors with makeup when you can hire senior artists for authenticity?

Do you think this is how 60-year-old ladies look? (Whoever decided to give Taapsee and Bhumi's look the thumbs up should reconsider their professional choices.) I'm curious as to how the creators managed to get this poster out there in the first place.) Their appearance is far from realistic. If the producers were so enthusiastic about bringing in young actors, they could have gone for more realistic prosthetics.


The most important goal of any story is to make it as believable as possible. Because only then will audiences be able to relate to it, or at the very least buy into the world that the film is introducing them to. You can't put a price on the authenticity of your characters.


Our film business is brimming with talent, so filmmakers don't have to stoop to the habit of aging young performers on screen. The level of inventiveness that a senior artist would have brought to this video is undeniable.


Which senior actor do you think would have fit better in this role?