Why Ajay Devgn Said Actors Lie That Box Office Doesn't Matter?

Ajay Devgn revealed in a recent interview that any actor who says box office doesn't matter is lying. He added that OTT doesn't give them joy of theatrical release. It is true that theatrical release is seen as something very big as compared to OTT, but OTT provides the benefit of reaching wider audience. However, As Ajay mentioned, box office collection matters to actors more than OTT's wider audience. One reason for this might be that when a film does well in numbers, it indirectly uplifts the actor's value. It is presumed that actors are the crowd pullers here. However, when asked about box office, actors tell that it is all about art for them. They might be answering something like this as they don't want to be seen as money-minded or calculative. Of course, they want to be in public's good books.