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Why Akshay Kumar-Priyanka Chopra's Affair Story Shook Bollywood?

There were two things that constantly kept Akshay Kumar in news during his early years in Bollywood. His stunt work and his link ups with too many co-stars. While he was believed to be a philanderer by many before marriage, it didn't take long before his first affair story surfaced post his marriage with Twinkle Khanna. The affair story with Priyanka Chopra!

But while it doesn't really get spoken about much now, given that both actors are happily married in their lives, there was also a phase their affair story shook the whole of Bollywood. Here's why:

It was the hottest topic in the gossip era - Akshay had built his own league and was amongst the top stars after Khans. Priyanka on the other hand after being crowned Miss World had just made a solid entry. Her chemistry with Akshay in Andaz was extremely noticable. The chatter had started to find substance and just one year later, they did Aitraaz together. Despite both Andaz & Aitraaz being two female driven films, the story about Akshay's closeness with just Priyanka started giving more air to the rumours.

It involved one of the most influential film families- When Twinkle Khanna couldn't stop herself from having a showdown on the sets of Waqt, a lot was put at stake. We were no longer talking about a Bollywood hero having an affair with a newbie. It had then become about the Khanna family, the daughter of Dimple Kapadia and Rajesh Khanna. The rumours were threatening the reputation of the family and hence, those needed to be put to an end.

All their films became success- Hardly in this industry will you ever find a successful pair vowing to not work with each other. But it happened between Akshay and Priyanka. After Andaz became a success in 2003, Aitraaz found even more success in 2004. Even their last association Waqt: The Race Against Time in 2005 was a box office hit. With the Akshay-Priyanka pair finding consistent success, their growing chemistry became more and more evident even in the public eye and was hard to contain.

The show down- The last time they featured together was in the 2005 movie Waqt. It is believed that Twinkle had reached the sets of the movie to confront Priyanka and she needed to be calmed down by Akshay. This sparked a lot of talk within the industry.

Never Working Together Again- Akshay was made to promise Twinkle about not working with Priyanka again. The former Miss World who probably didn't want it to affect her career, chose to move on. She even quoted in an interview that she will only consider good scripts and not co-stars while choosing films. The two haven't even shared a common stage ever since, let alone working together in a movie.

While the whole affair story may have shook Bollywood back then, we still have to accept that Akshay-Priyanka had genuine on screen chemistry. It's a shame we've not seen them together again. But then again, isn't a peaceful and happy married life more important?


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