Why Akshay Kumar's movies are not working anymore?

Akshay completes every film by at least 3–4 months, he is never late to sets, has no such tantrums, and appears in all promotional events, except one rift that is registered is Joker movie except that, no such un-professional activity is registered against him. All big directors take a bit of time to complete their movies but I guess that is one point he doesn`t agree to.  

Akshay has always said that he never gets awards & all his major hits, and blockbusters have come from the less-famous director but Vupil Amurlal Shah once said that a producer who works with Akshay will definitely get to work with him again as he is a producer`s boy & jokingly he said, a producer don pay him, he in turns pays the producer as he is little pricey & some of the producer who works with him again & again like Sajid Nadiadwala says he has recruited the producers on a monthly salary basis, which is really funny.  

I think as an actor, Akshay focuses on doing as many films as he can. He is not someone who gets worried because he is not getting awards instead he is into doing good films and giving his best to those films that he takes. So as an audience also we should just start enjoying the characters, and stories rather than focusing on the commercial number of the film.