Why Alia Bhatt doesn't want to talk about her pregnancy?

Ever As a result of her pregnancy, alia Bhatt has been active on social media and busy promoting her future movies, but one thing I've noticed is that she has stayed quiet about her pregnancy and avoided discussing it.


When alia stated in a story on Instagram that she is not a package, she did so simply once and for all.


she said "Meanwhile we still live in some people's heads. We still live in a patriarchal world. FYI, nothing has gotten delayed. No one needs to pick anyone up. I am a woman, not a parcel. I do not need to rest at all but good to know you'll have a doctor's certification as well. This is 2022. Can we please get out of this archaic way of thinking? Now if you would excuse me. My shot is ready." 


I like that she is keeping her personal life to herself and not using her pregnancy as a marketing ploy.