Why is Alia trying to be like her boyfriend Ranbir?

We all know that Alia had a huge crush on Ranbir Kapoor even before she joined movies. But now it sure feels like her dream became reality as she’s dating Ranbir Kapoor. But what’s odd is that she’s continually trying to show how all the things that Ranbir likes are the same thing she does too. Because we all know RKs obsession with the number 8 but now during a recent Q&A session Alia said that her favourite number is also 8. Plus during the same Q&A, she was asked between Cats or Dogs and we all know how she’s got her own Kitty and has been always a cat person but now she said that she loves dogs too because Ranbir has two dogs. To add to that Alia said that her favourite food is a home-cooked meal and no points for guessing what’s Ranbir’s favourite food. What do you guys think about this?