Why is Aly targeting Rakhi Sawant?

Rakhi tells Rahul and Aly that It’s a game and they are friends. Aly says that he would bury all the fights here in this game but then they will exchange numbers. Rakhi says that he shouldn't tease her. Aly says you start crying when I fight with you, I called you Bua and you got angry. Rakhi says you can’t disrespect my career, you don’t need to call me names. For which Aly says I have got 5 punishments in the house because I do everything I want if I call you a bua then no one will have a problem. If you talk about it then I will keep calling you a bua. You said that you would want to play SRK’s mother so what’s an issue? Rakhi says that was a dialogue and that he misunderstood her. I feel Ali calling Rakhi these names are wrong and disrespectful. What do you guys think about this?