Why Anushka Sharma Is The First To Practise Waste Segregation On Sets

Anushka Sharma has done it again! She has been setting goals in Bollywood since her debut and nothing's changed. Anushka, along with her brother Karnesh, had co-founded a production house, Clean Slate Filmz in 2013. She even starred in their first project, NH10. She hasn't stopped since then and has been producing quality content. To add another feather to her hat, she successfully became the first producer to introduce a waste segregation system on her film sets.

However, the process of waste segregation is not something new and is taught in primary schools. So, why did it take so long for Bollywood to start this. There are many actors, directors and producers who have made films on the environment and preach about using organic products. However, none of them had ever thought of implementing such a simple system of waste management. Bollywood should take some inspiration from Anushka to act on what they preach.