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Why are actresses constantly made to defend their weight?

Be it Vidya, Sonakshi or Anushka, many actresses are made to defend their weight from time and time again. With Anushka being skinny shamed and even addressing how that is just the way her body is and that people should not try to go on unhealthy diets to try to to obtain some sort of ‘size zero figure’ as it does not exist or with actresses like Sonakshi and Vidya who have been shamed for their weight too, having to constantly justify and defend their bodies on multiple occasions. Ananya Pandey has also spoke about how she was skinny shamed before and Sonam Kapoor has also spoke about insecurities and body shaming, saying that it added to her insecurities so much so that she felt she didn’t want to post pictures of her at the beach or in general, just to avoid comments about her weight which effected her and added to her outlook towards her body, which she was already insecure about to begin with.


But the question is - Why? Why are actors and people in general always made to defend or justify their weight? How does that take away anything from their work or acting ability? The whole situation is just unfortunate and saddening honestly. Hopefully in the future, people will just let these actors live without constantly judging them for how they look, what they wear, how there body is etc.


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