Why are ARMYs not satisfied with BTS' merch and feel HYBE's ignorant?

BTS members are releasing their own merch which is getting a lot of attention since the members have been closely involved with the whole process of production. Jin, RM, V all have been promoting it with all their heart. Whereas ARMYs can not wait to buy these merch products, the products are also receiving their fair share of criticism due to various reasons such as overpricing, lack of inclusivity etc.

Some ARMYs are also not content with HYBE and the merch due to a lack of size inclusivity. Now that BTS is a worldwide sensation and has a huge fanbase in every corner of the world, don't you think they should be welcoming of all sizes? Except for Jin, nobody asked for larger sizes and HYBE also didn't include bigger sizes which disappointed many fans who have been wanting to buy BTS merch for so long. I feel it's high time HYBE become more sensitive and inclusive about it. Don't you agree?