Why are celebrities private with their love life?

All of us are interested in knowing what's going in each other's life. Let that be of our BFF's life or our favourite celebrity. On a show, Kiara clearly said that she would like to keep her relationship silent, mentioning that 'Main sidha shaadi karungi' (I'll directly get married). Though she has been denying the rumors, we all can't over #SidKiara There are a number of reasons why many celebs don't like to disclose their relationships Privacy - especially if the celeb is dating a non celeb or even if they date another celeb. They don't want media to stalk them around everywhere their relationship is nobody's Business - do we care what celebs ate for breakfast? no because it's none of our business so in the same way, their love life should be no one's concern protect the partner from Obsessive fans - this is mostly in the case where the celeb is a young person and their fanbase are mainly teenagers. Toxic fans will send lots of hate comments to the partner if they don't like them at all so a celeb may choose to not disclose they are in a relationship in order to protect their partner from obsessive fans/trolls.