Why are people questioning Alia Bhatt's pregnancy announcement?

Ya like I actually don't get it!?

It's her body and actually, it's her choice. Why are we making a fuss about it?

To be honest, I don't see why people need to question celeb's pregnancy news. Alia has added some good films to her basket and she is actually doing great with her age. If she thinks this is a good time to be pregnant then, of course, why not?

A few days back Ranbir had told in a promotional event that he has to work hard, now not just for himself but also for his family and smart ones should have taken the hint! It's good to see 2 people normalizing it to have a healthy family while building their careers. They are also normal and they are humans. We cannot always wait to reach a point and only then get married or have kids. It is okay for people to prioritize their family at a certain point and as audiences, we should support their decision if we actually love them!