Why are people so insensitive about Bollywood & 'Adoption' ?

Recently, Sushmita Sen’s daughter Renee Sen is well-praised after her acting debut in the short film “Suttabazi”. She took to Instagram to share a heartfelt response on an inappropriate question by a fan.

During her Ask Me Anything session on IG, she interacted with her fans & well wishers. When a fan asked if she knows her “real” mom, Renee humbly wrote “I’m born to my mother’s heart. This is as real as it gets.” Renee handled the insensitive question maturely.

Similarly, when actress Sunny Leone adopted their daughter Nisha, with husband Daniel Weber in July 2017, the duo faced appreciation as well as criticism. Baby Nisha was trolled because of skin color & the actress due to her past.

It is now time to seriously ponder upon the things we should & shouldn’t ask our favourite movie stars or anybody, in that case. While such delicate & private issues are publicly tossed on a dinner table, let’s not make a taboo out of such personal things. Also as “fans”, let’s start treating celebrities as ‘humans’ instead of making a fuss about their private decisions.