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Why are Ranbir and Alia off to Maldives as soon as they've recovered from Covid?

It's the celebrity season of vacationing in Maldives, and every star seems to be lounging in the backdrop of beaches as the pandemic grapples India.

Covid is making waves and claiming lives, and while Bollywood biggies have been appealing people to stay safe and wear a mask, they themselves have been flying across for holidaying left and right. Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt had been tested positive for Covid one after another. After a few weeks, they've finally recovered. Come Monday and they're spotted at Mumbai airport on their way to leave for Maldives.

Under these circumstances, is it really okay to jet off so soon post recovery? And why aren't celebrities, with all their social media power and influence, setting a better example? Isn't this beyond irresponsible!


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