Why is Ashton Kutcher missing from Hollywood?

We are all familiar with actor Ashton Kutcher. He's appeared in major television shows like That '70s Show, Two and a Half Men, and, most recently, The Ranch. While Kutcher's acting career was once thriving and he was earning one of the highest salaries for a TV star, he has gradually shifted his focus to an unexpected new job as an investor.

If you look at Ashton Kutcher's resume over the last five years, you'll notice one thing: The Ranch. He co-stars with Sam Elliott in this series as an ex-semi-pro football player who returns home to Colorado to oversee the family business. He hasn't been seen in Hollywood since The Ranch.

But why is that? Given the several foolish roles Kutcher has done in the past, this may come as a surprise. Ashton Kutcher is an entrepreneur and a businessman.

Do you miss Ashton Kutcher bringing in his elements in Hollywood?